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My review of Exiled by L. Rosario


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Like staring too long into a vampire’s eyes, I’ve been enchanted by L. Rosario’s writing. I’ve fallen under an undeniable compulsion to read her work. In that spirit I’ve been perusing her back catalog and I’ve come across an absolute gem. The title of the book is Exiled.

Nadia isn’t a team player. When she refuses to swear her allegiance to the new queen of her coven, her master has no choice but to kick her out. Desperate to survive on the outside, she goes in search of an old acquaintance but gets more than she bargained for. A midnight chance encounter with a hot young stud provides an opportunity for her to do more than merely survive, if she can handle his rebellious nature and the unsettling feelings he stirs within her.

The love scenes sizzle with enough energy to satisfy even the undead. The romance is both tender and passionate. And Ms. Rosario’s writing is as pleasant as a cool breeze on a warm summer’s eve. This is one I highly recommend for lovers of beautifully crafted erotic vampire romance.

Available from:


The Wild Rose Press

All Romance


  1. L.Rosario L.Rosario May 24, 2016

    I’m so glad you are enjoying the stories and so appreciative of you taking the time to share your thoughts! Thank you!!

    • Benjamin Kelly Benjamin Kelly Post author | May 24, 2016

      They’re great entertainment. I feel sorry for everyone who hasn’t discovered you so I’m doing what I can to get the word out.

      • L.Rosario L.Rosario May 25, 2016

        I’m truly appreciative. I hope if you read some of my others, you find them just as entertaining! 🙂

        • Benjamin Kelly Benjamin Kelly Post author | May 25, 2016

          I will, no doubt. Looking forward to the follow up to Descent Into Darkness.

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