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Review of A Dash of Longing by Lora Darling


Dash Of Longing, A - Lora Darling
She’s a keeper. Lora Darling is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.

Vivian meets the celebrity crush of her dreams but when she discovers he reciprocates her feelings, anxieties from a past relationship threaten to ruin their budding romance.

I read this in two sittings out of necessity, not because I wanted to stop. The dialogue flows naturally. The settings are detailed and believable. The characters are as real as anyone you might meet.

I checked all my favorite book retailers and didn’t find a single review of this title. A Dash of Longing is such an excellent little romance, I’m totally baffled that it has languished in obscurity since 2007. If you like romance that’s mostly sweet but gets a little steamy, give this one a try and then let the author know how much you love it so she’ll write more.

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All Romance

The Wild Rose Press

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