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Review of Snowbound Kisses by Julia Imari


Max is burned out after finishing a long tour with his band, and wants somewhere to hide away from his throngs of adoring fans until the blizzard blows over and he can get out of town.
Thea is used to taking care of strays and when she overhears Max wishing to make an escape, her nurturing instinct wins out over common sense and good judgment. She offers to take him to the country to rest and get a break from his stardom.
Max isn’t the settling down kind of guy and never expects to have the sort of feelings Thea stirs up in him.
Thea is not impressed by fame, and gets blindsided by the feelings Max stirs up in her, as she gets to know the man behind the image.

I’m not a fan of the rock star trope and nearly passed on this book because of that, but the writing caught my attention so I gave it a chance. And the story works. It’s not often I run across an indie author who writes the kind of sentimental romance I enjoy. I’m happy to say I’ve found one named Julia Imari.


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